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Selam Technical & Vocational Center (STVC)

STVC is an extension of Selam Children’s Village. Since its establishment  11 years ago, it has grown to a well equipped and organized training center.  The training is for orphans from Selam Children’s Village, other orphanages as well as private applicants.

General Mechanics, Auto Mechanics, Drafting, Electricity, Wood Work and Machining  are the six  streams that trainees join according to their interest in the 10+2 program of the new education policy.  What makes STVC the only one of its kind in the country is that the trainees are directly involved in production throughout their training.  

STVC also gives short-term training in different fields like, welding upgrading, blacksmith, low cost building material production, etc.   

The Center is participating in the street children training and capacitating program in collaboration with UNICEF and SNGOAO (Addis Ababa Administration)  to enable children be self-supportive citizens.



Selam make every effort to develop children’s potential.



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