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Education.  Currently, formal education is being offered freely by the Village school from Kindergarten to secondary level.  The total number of students at present  is nearly 3000. This figure includes the pupils at Selam II elementary school.

    Training.  SCV initially established the vocational center to train youth in general mechanics and auto mechanics in a 10+3 program.  Since its establishment in 1991, about 300 youth have graduated and are participating in the development process of the country. Now it has four additional trades for training with 400 trainees. 
  Girls’ Vocational Center It was established in 1995 and  provides a quality vocational training in home economics and catering.  Currently, 50 girls are attending their training.   

Clinic.  The clinic provides health services for the village's children, students, trainees, staff and the surrounding community. It gives service for about 100 patients per day. 

  Agriculture.  In order to meet the demand of the agricultural products for the children, and to generate income by producing marketable surplus products, Selam Children’s Village has been promoting some small agricultural activities, such as Vegetable and Flower, Dairy, Poultry and Honey production, etc.   

Women’s Handicrafts.  This small project is designed to help women who are the poorest of the poor.  It embraces mainly women who are family heads and could not support their family.  They are organized in small handicraft projects, where they are made to work and benefit. More over all members of the women’s family are supported in different ways through this project.  They are nearly 60.

Today there are 232 regular trainees at STVC and 38 street children trainees drawn from Yeka sub city administration and neighboring areas.


Twenty eight street children who graduated from Selam in metal workers are now being rehabilitated in four Selam satellite workshops in town (Kirkos, Tekele Haimanot and Aware areas).


Selam is also doing the coordination of all workshops in Addis Ababa prison houses and especially giving metal and home economics training for the in-mates.


Selam pushes for vocational education that is significant for achieving the Ethiopian Development Goals.


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